Wecare 247

  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Date: 2021

Wecare 247


Incorporated in 2017, Wecare 247 was born with the vision to change the medical care service in Vietnam, allowing people to easily access better quality service at affordable prices.

To date, Wecare247 has been providing services in 15 top-tier hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City with a GMV of USD 800K in 2020. The company expects its GMV to increase more than 600% to USD 5M in 2021. Wecare247 maintains its service quality by providing high-quality training to caregivers using government-licensed training providers as well as professional insurance.

Co-investors: 500 Startups

Contact information:

Tam Nguyen – Founder and CEO
[email protected]

Viet Huynh – Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]

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