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Managing Partner

Hiroshi Sasaki – Director

Former senior director at Nissho Iwai (Currently Sojitz), former CEO of Vietnam Growth Capital LLC

Mr.Hiroshi Sasaki worked for Nissho Iwai Corp. (Presently, Sojitz Corp.), and consistently dealt with engineering-related projects, such as shipbuilding, an energy plant, etc.. During 13years of his service in the U.S. in total, he experienced structured finance and investment many times through the negotiation with the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Asia Development Bank (ADB), etc.. He dealt with all the stages, i.e.; establishment management, and winding-up, of the fund which aimed at having “Exit” which does not have to depend on IPO,. In addition, he experienced taking office as Chief Executive Officer, Executive, Auditor etc. at startups. He previously holds the additional posts of Executive at a Vietnam Growth Capital LLC and currently works as director of Japan Strategic Capital Co., Ltd. and adviser of Technology Seed Incubation Co., Ltd..

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